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Younger and Older Readers 

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To Celebrate the CBCA's Book Week 2021 and Shortlisted book "Bindi" By Kirli Saunders, Shellharbour City Libraries is giving you two chances to win the ultimate prize pack.

There will be two age categories, including ages 10-12 years and 13-15 years.
Two people will be in the running to win a signed copy of Bindi, a journal to write in and a pen. 
All you need to do is write a poem about the environment. This poem can be about climate change, planting trees etc. 
For hints and ideas on poetry writing, scroll down to the Bindi book profile, where you will find a linked website. 

To enter the competition, click on the submit button below. You will need to write "Bindi Competition "in the email subject line, your name, your child's name, age and a phone number so we can contact you for further details if you are the lucky winners!

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Children must be within the required age groups

  • This competition is open to Shellharbour Residents only

  • One entry per child 

  • Competition closes on Friday 27 August at 5:00pm

  • Winner will be drawn on Tuesday 7 September 



By Kirli Saunders

Meet 11-year-old Bindi. She’s not really into maths but LOVES art class and playing hockey. Her absolute FAVOURITE thing is adventuring outside with friends or her horse, Nell.

A new year starts like normal—school, family, hockey, dancing. But this year hasn’t gone to plan! There’s a big art assignment, a drought, a broken wrist AND the biggest bushfires her town has ever seen!

Bindi is a verse novel for mid-upper primary students. Written ‘for those who plant trees’, Bindi explores climate, bushfires, and healing. Written from the point of view of 11-year-old, Bindi and her friends on Gundungurra Country.


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Cover Peta Lyre.jpg

By Freya Blackwood

'I'm Peta Lyre,' I mumble. Look people in the eye if you can, at least when you greet them. I try, but it's hard when she is smiling so big, and leaning in.

Peta Lyre is far from typical. The world she lives in isn't designed for the way her mind works, but when she follows her therapist's rules for 'normal' behaviour, she can almost fit in without attracting attention.

When a new girl, Sam, starts at school, Peta's carefully structured routines start to crack. But on the school ski trip, with romance blooming and a newfound confidence, she starts to wonder if maybe she can have a normal life after all.

When things fall apart, Peta must decide whether all the old rules still matter. Does she want a life less ordinary, or should she keep her rating normal?

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Create a comforting collage with photos, pictures or drawings of people, places or things that make you feel safe. This collage can also be used as a gratitude poster showcasing all of the things in your life that you are grateful for. 




Sometimes the stresses of everyday life can get to you. 

Practicing mindful breathing can calm your nervous system and give you an overall sense of peace. Start your day with this one-minute breathing exercise. Click on the button below to see more. 

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By Zana Fraillon

Twig is all alone after his dad goes missing. But when he meets Flea, a cheerful pickpocket, the pair become fast friends. Together, Twig and Flea raise themselves on the crime-ridden streets, taking what they need and giving the rest to the even-poorer. Life is good, as long as they have each other.

But then Twig wakes up in the Afterlife. With just a handful of vague memories, a key, a raven, and a mysterious atlas to guide him, he tries to piece together what happened, and to find his way home.




The Turkish Map Fold is a unique and sculptural book form made from a single piece of paper, with an optional cover. As you open the book, the piece of paper unfolds entirely so you can see the entire sheet.

Watch this video tutorial and you will be an expert at folding Turkish maps in no time. 

turkish map



Using photos, magazine pictures or drawings create a memory map that leads to different places or times in your life. You might start your journey from when you were born, or from your first day of school. It could be a map of sporting memories from soccer practice to your grand final game.  

Memory Map .jpg
memory may

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